It’s OK to Say No!

Is it hard for you to say “no”? If that’s you, you’re probably familiar with staying up late at night, waking up early in the morning, and maybe neglecting your family obligations just to keep your word because you can’t say “no”.

So, this is a huge problem. You might be relieved to find out that the world will not crumble if you answer someone’s request with “no”. Those who never learn to say it become overworked, stressed-out people that weaken the body of Christ.

The account of Martha and Mary who, when visited by Jesus, received him in two different ways. Martha “cumbered about much serving” while Mary sat at the feet of Jesus hearing his every word. While Martha expressed her frustration to Jesus, he responded that Mary was actually in the best position – to hear the word of God (see Luke 10:38-42). What a revelation! How wonderful it would be if more people of God would put down their busywork and find themselves seated at the feet of Jesus.

The first priority should be God! The other priorities should then be a spouse, children, and then work (and work in the ministry). There should be no guilt or condemnation when your priorities are right. Learn to say no and you’ll be available to God when He really needs you to answer yes.