My help comes from the Lord

A young man shared his feelings about an upcoming change on his job and how God spoke to his fear when he prayed.

Recent work history held persecution and trouble on many sides, but still this man held firm to his faith and continued teaching a bible study. He asked the Lord in prayer if he will face these same difficulties moving forward. The Lord encouraged him that “his help cometh from the Lord” and “he will not suffer his foot to be moved”. There is no need to worry for God indeed will be his help.

This encouragement from Psalms 121 is for every follower of Christ. Do you find yourself alone and lacking the help you need? God’s powerful nature is discovered in scripture. Knowing this truth will help you realize that no matter what circumstances you face, God is able to come through powerfully on your behalf.

Commit Psalm 121 in prayer and memorize it to draw on it when you need it the most.