5 Myths About Christians

5 Mythbusters

Christians and non-Christians alike can have misunderstandings and misconceptions about Christians. What do you think about the daily life of a Christian? Ponder on that as you read these common myths and see how it compares. Ultimately, do your thoughts prevent you from trusting God to be a follower of Christ? Christians are boring and can’t have fun. If you have visited or grown up in a “dead” church, you just might think Christians are boring. Harvest Church of Hampton has lively church services that keep you engaged and they are far from “dead.” But you might still ask the question, “Do you have fun?” Yes! The church is filled with people that are active and love doing things together – outdoor gospel concerts, park outings, golfing, and much more! Living a holy, righteous life doesn’t have to be boring. Christians think they are perfect. If you are saved and believe in the Word of God, God gives a confidence and awareness about yourself (and Him). This may cause some people to mistakenly perceive you as “being perfect”. Getting an understanding of the Word of God and who you are in Christ will help you realize there is only One who is perfect. Jesus. Christians are bound by rules and miss out on life. When a person comes to Christ, the bible says he or she is a new person, leaving old things behind (2 Cor. 5:17). This is always accompanied with a change and often giving up things you used to do (before getting saved). Following Jesus doesn’t feel like a set of rules or commands, but more like a willing heart to trust and obey the Bible. Does this prevent you from believing and trusting in Jesus? Jesus came to give life, not to force you to miss out on it. Christians can do no wrong. Every human is born in sin; Jesus died to pay the price for sin – all that we have done wrong and all that we will do wrong. Christians know that God is faithful and just to forgive sin. We understand the need for repentance to be right and clean before God continually. This often requires asking others for forgiveness too. We all do wrong (sin), but Jesus helps us with this. Christians never have troubles. Christians are not withheld from trials and tribulations in life, but they are given the way to endure them while maintaining peace and joy. God has given the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and comfort us always. Christians often endure similar troubles and we share our experiences with each other to encourage one another along the way. One day all the troubles will be over. We will have no more tears or pain when we make it to heaven.