Praise the Lord Harvest Church Family!

It’s that time again where we all come together on one accord and consecrate ourselves before God to

receive his leading, guiding, and blessing upon his church, and your lives.

We are nearing the close of an eventful year and although it may not have followed the course we

would’ve prescribed, it most certainly was in God’s plan. And we praise God for that.

As 2021 quickly approaches and we prepare for our annual consecration, please join me in praying, not

for our own will, but for God‘s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

The annual consecration, which consists of fasting and praying during the month of January, will begin

on January 4. We will abstain from ALL food and only drink water for the designated time periods.

Week 1 January 4-6 (each day till 4pm)

Week 2 January 11-13 (Mon till Tues 4pm; Wed till 4pm)

Week 3 January 18-20 (Mon till Tues 4pm; Wed till 4pm)

Week 4 January 25-27 (Mon till Wed 4pm)

I encourage you to write down your own personal fasting prayer list. We will also corporately (as a

church) fast for the following items each week.

Say to yourself, “I am fasting to…”

Week 1: Personally maintain a disciplined, intentional, & daily prayer life

Week 2: Cultivate a spiritually strong/healthy family unit.

Week 3: Commit to praying daily for the salvation of one person until the Lord saves them.

Week 4: Determine ways for me to personally impact my community through outreach.

Please continue to pray for these 4 things throughout 2021. Great miracles, signs, and wonders will

come as a result of our consecration. We are excited to see what God will do for you in 2021! God


In His name and for His glory!

Pastor Rob

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