family life center

EST. 2014
The Family Life Center is an additional 8,400 sq. ft. multi-purpose facility that accommodates approximately 375 people. It holds a variety of activities when needed.

Commercial Kitchen

The commercial kitchen provides volunteers space and upgraded equipment to prepare chef-quality meals for our church events. The scullery (a room adjacent to the kitchen) has a commercial dishwasher, storage for dishes and cooking utensils. The dishwasher is a great addition to assist the kitchen staff. The washer and dryer located near the kitchen and storage area is able to handle most of our laundry needs.

The main open area of the Family Life Center can hold tables and chairs as needed for any type of activity. This space is extremely versatile and can meet the demands of a variety of usages. It accommodates the growing number of members.


A smaller administrative room is used for coordinating and managing events and activities that are held in the Family Life Center.


The second floor space is approximately 1,200 square feet and has been left unfinished for additional storage use.


The parking lot has 40 spaces for easy access to the Family Life Center entrance. Overflow to the current capacity.

Classrooms (Main Building)

There are three classrooms (one large and two small) to accommodate the youth Christian Education classes, seminars, and meetings. A cafe and seating area is located at the end of the hallway to use as needed.